Notre Dame Creamery Ltd.

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Notre Dame Creamery, still operates in its original location built in 1921 by St. Boniface Dairy in Notre Dame de Lourdes, Manitoba. In 1964 the Creamery was purchased by Meinrad Roch and has been a family owned business since. In 1980 his son Guy Roch was offered to purchase the business and with his love of butter and the opportunity to own his own business there was no hesitation.


When the Creamery first opened there were four employees and with the growth of the company and more available products they now have eight.


Over the years there have been attempts to edge the small dairy out of business. With the focus now being on product quality, rural roots and localized food the company has been able to stand the test of time.


With the elimination of Farm Separated Cream in the late 1990's, Notre Dame Creamery had to source out supply from milk and cheese plants in Manitoba. Since this time the business has had to diversify themselves in other areas of dairy production. Notre Dame Creamery is a federally certified processor. It is also one of the only remaining small town Creameries in Canada.