Notre Dame Creamery Ltd.

It's Better with Butter


Quotes When I bake, I want to be certain I'm using the best, freshest ingredients available. You can really taste the difference when I use your butter - so creamy and rich. Heavenly! I'd have to have my own dairy farm to get it any fresher! Quotes
Bambi S.
Household User

Quotes We have been using the delicious butter from Notre Dame Creamery for over three years now and can honestly say that their high-quality product has always met and surpassed our expectations; it makes all of our pastry creations even more scrumptious! Quotes
The Crusty Bun

Quotes Notre Dame Creamery has been High Tea Bakery's sole supplier of butter for many years now, and they are hands-down our favourite vendor. Not only do we receive an exceptional quality, locally produced product, but we also get the truly wonderful service that comes from dealing with the Roch family. I honestly couldn't imagine operating a bakery without them! Quotes
Belinda Bigold
Co-Owner High Tea Bakery